About Us

McLeod Brock comprises of a dedicated team, who work together, throughout the state of Florida, California and Nationwide. Our team is here to guide you through the tough legal process by supporting each client on a personal and customized interaction to aid you in reaching the best possible outcome. At McLeod Brock we are committed to service, we listen to your needs, and we strive for effective, creative solutions.

Why Hire Us

McLeod Brock has experienced board certified lawyers and legal support staff to effectively handle your legal needs, whether those needs are transactional or require a jury or non-jury trial, state or local government action, arbitration, negotiation, mediation, or other legal resolution. Our firm has represented clients in state and federal court throughout the United States and has handled domestic and international arbitration proceedings. Our attorneys have experience representing clients insurance, maritime law, shipping, transportation and logistics; business disputes and complex commercial litigation and banking; zoning and private property matters; insurance, reinsurance, coverage and bad faith; legislative matters at state and local levels; and serious personal injury and wrongful death.

Our attorneys and staff will help and guide you from the beginning of the dispute to the very end. The vast history of our cases in litigation, mediation, negotiation, and arbitration has engraved invaluable knowledge upon our attorneys which allows them to understand the strategies of the opposition and how to resolve controversy. Not only do we have the passion and desire to represent our clients interests, at McLeod Brock, we have the ability and experience.

Taking the step to hire an attorney usually occurs during a rough time in your life. The decision to move forward in the litigation process is not easy. At McLeod Brock, we strive to make the litigation process as transparent and stress-free as possible. We recognize our clients have individual needs. We support every client on an individual basis. No two cases are the same and our attorneys work to resolve each case by thinking outside of the box and analyzing each possible outcome and approach.

Admiralty and Maritime law is a highly specialized field. Choosing a law firm that specializes and has vast experience in the practice of admiralty and maritime law will allow for the best possible outcome. All of our attorneys have taken the extra step to ensure by earning masters legal degrees in Admiralty and Maritime Law, board certificates and leading state and federal maritime bar associations/associators.

So what sets us apart from the rest?

The number one thing that sets our firm apart is our people. At McLeod Brock, we are family. Our attorneys listen to your needs and are there to support you along the way. Our team understands legal disputes can consume a tremendous amount of your time and energy. Often, you have one chance to present your best case and we are determined to get the  kind of result you deserve. While no law firm can guarantee a favorable result, at McLeod Brock, we ensure to always educate and advocate for your interests. We advise. You decide.

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Credentials & Qualifications

Our attorneys have been evaluated for their ethics and legal ability and have received the highest ratings from their peers and judges. The Florida Bar Admiralty Certification Committee, the California Bar Admiralty Specialization Committee, The Federal Bar Association Admiralty and the Maritime Law Committee, Maritime Law Association – Proctor Members, Federal Bar Association Admiralty and Maritime Law Section, American Bar Associations Admiralty and Maritime Law Section, Southeastern Admiralty Law Institute, Florida Bar Admiralty Law Committee, California Bar Admiralty Law Specialization Committee.

We are proud to have previous chairs of the Florida Bar Admiralty Law Committee. Board certification in maritime law by the Florida Bar. A board certified attorney is an attorney who specializes in a particular area of law. An attorney who wishes to become board certified must meet strict standards. To become board certified in Admiralty and Maritime law, the attorney must be in good standing with the Bar, have practiced fulltime for at least five years (four if the attorney has an LLM in admiralty and maritime law), and demonstrate the attorney has “substantial involvement” in the practice of Admiralty and Maritime law. In addition, the attorney has to pass a peer review and complete at least 50 hours of continuing legal education during the three-years prior to submitting an application. The attorney must then pass a written test to prove the attorney has a special competence in admiralty and maritime law. Our attorneys have not only met these standards in Florida and California, but have now participated and chaired the bar committees that give the exams.

Bar Admissions:

Board Certifications:

Peer and Counsel Honors:

Maritime Associations:

-Maritime Law Association – Proctor Members
-Federal Bar Association Admiralty and Maritime Law Section
-American Bar Associations Admiralty and Maritime Law Section
-Southeastern Admiralty Law Institute
-Florida Bar Admiralty Law Committee
-Florida Bar Admiralty Law Certification Committee
-California Bar Admiralty Law Specialization Committee