Maritime Casualty and Property Damage

Maritime casualties occur every day across the world and can range from a small vessel fire to the largest of ships colliding with another at open sea. For over 25 years, the attorneys at McLeod Brock have represented individuals and business clients to resolve issues arising from:

  • Casualty Origin & Cause Investigation and litigation including Fire, Grounding & Sinking
  • Vessel Allisions & Collisions
  • Sinking and recovery
  • Stranding and Recovery
  • Marina Operators Liability
  • Hurricane claims
  • Ship Repairer Liability
  • Construction Defects
  • Defense of Environmental Claims
  • Defective & Unsafe Marine Product
  • Surveyor Liability

In many instances, the firm will be retained shortly following the casualty to spearhead a origin and cause investigation. As a result, the firm has gained vast experience handling claims arising from fires occurring on board ship, vessel allisions and collisions which happen nearly every day and occur from negligence, weather conditions, or purposefully ignoring maritime rules, and can result in serious bodily injury and property damage.

The firm’s strong casualty response background has also resulted in years of experience participating in sinking and recovery/stranding and recovery cases from the Coast of South Carolina into South America determining the cause of the casualty, the party at fault, and responding to any associated environmental issues.

Sometimes a maritime casualty occurs near shore while the vessel is moored in a marina or tied to a dock. In this regard, McLeod Brock has been called on to vet and defend marina operator’s liability, hurricane claims, and ship repairer liability. Often, it is determined that the cause of the sinking, fire or other casualty was the result of a construction defect, faulty survey, or a defective and unsafe marine product.

The attorneys at McLeod Brock have over 25 years of experience responding to and representing clients in marine casualty and property damage claims such as these. Our team works with institutional and individual clients on a regular basis to recover for and/or defend these types of injury and property damage cases and customizes every response to meet the needs that best suits each client.

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