Admiralty and Maritime Law

Professional Admiralty and Maritime Law in Florida

Admiralty and maritime law is one of the oldest forms of law dating back to Ancient Greece. Maritime law potentially applies to any dispute or casualty that occurs while on or near navigable waters; an example being, a boating collision that occurs on a lake, inland waterway, or at sea. Admiralty and maritime law often follows its own set of rules and regulations that differ from land based law. For the best results in a maritime case, certified attorneys with knowledge and experience specifically in the maritime field should be consulted.

Maritime law covers a wide range of incidents including personal injury, property damage, cargo loss, collisions, fire, ship repair, salvage, insurance coverage, etc. Virtually any dispute that could arise on land could occur at sea bringing maritime law into play. Maritime law applies to events that occur on cruise ships, yachts, fishing boats, barges, cargo ships, oil platforms, commercial boats, pleasure boats, jet skis, and water transportation crafts to name a few. Maritime incidents occur every day. While maritime law covers some events that are large in scale such as the sinking of the Titanic or more recently the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, most maritime incidents occur on a much smaller scale and involve a few parties.

The attorneys at McLeod Brock are leaders in the maritime industry and have been representing individuals and entities for over 25 years addressing nearly every aspect of maritime issue. Admiralty and maritime law is an extremely specialized area of law. Attorneys at McLeod Brock are recognized leaders in the maritime bar nationwide. While the attorneys at McLeod Brock focus their practice in the states of Florida, California, New York and Louisiana, they frequently appear in maritime disputes from coast to coast and in the Caribbean. The attorneys at McLeod Brock are available to assist as local counsel in Florida, California and New York.

The attorneys at McLeod Brock have earned advanced Master in Law degrees in Admiralty and Maritime law from Tulane University in New Orleans, and hold certifications and specializations in Admiralty and Maritime law conferred by the Florida Bar and California Bar. The attorneys at McLeod Brock are also Proctors in Admiralty conferred by the Maritime Law Association and have chaired the Florida Bar Admiralty Law Committee, the Florida Bar Admiralty Certification Committee, the California Admiralty Law Specialization Committee, and the Federal Bar Association Admiralty and Maritime law section. Whether or not you consider McLeod Brock during your search for counsel, we urge you to seek the advice of counsel who specializes in the area of maritime law.

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